kilig run at NRC Women’s Half Marathon Manila 2016


expected nothing special during this event because it was an all women’s run and i couldn’t spot cuties to chase and keep me running but it was radicaaal!! there are a few but major downsides though but the great experience compensated it well and made me forget about it. read on about my and my buddy’s experience at the Nike Women Victory Tour in  Manila 2016.

a few months before the run, a few days after it was announced that Manila is part of the Nike Women Victory Tour, i showed great interest in it and instantly asked my girl friends if they would like to run with me (hi reg :() but upon seeing the basic details such as registration fee, date and venue, i sighed and accepted that i will be missing this big event. it was expensive tbh, 2700 pesos and a buddy is required when you sign up (goodbye strong independent woman of 2016, i guess i can never really be absolutely independent). having none of both a partner and money, i shook off the thought and looked for other options but of course, God is great and just gave me a big opportunity!

thank you Facebook for the brilliant idea of having an interested option in an event and letting friends see it! my friend and orgmate, Sarah, whom i haven’t seen much after I got back from Korea since she started working and all, was interested with the event and i liked her post and well the rest is history.

first disappointment: race kit pick-up.

well it was okay, quite organized and all but they just allotted a week for it and needed registration and specific date and venue for your pickup. they have no mailing option nor pick up at any date. well i was okay since i had no appointments whatsoever but i was concerned with other participants (well actually my buddy who missed the date she registered to pick up her kit because of emergency meetings) whose schedules are not flexible.

but the upside is that, the kit was fancy lol it was definitely an all women’s run :)) the kit came in a neon green pouch which was really fancy! it included the singlet (which was definitely a hugger lol), D-tag, an exclusive invitation to a new store at SM Aura and a shuttle pass for your companion (which i didn’t need lol) and a medical tag. there was no race bib because the number was printed on the singlet – which means everyone’s required to wear the singlet. smart. :p


we registered early on, like late January, early February and another upside is that they gave out 20 weeks training guide since it was a half marathon. we were emailed with the program – run cycles, exercises etc. which of course i followed for a few days, and failed miserably weeks after. it was nice that they also hold runs (NRC events) so we can train together – but of course i couldn’t go coz ang lapit ko lang talaga eh no??! (couldn’t afford going to and fro LB to Manila just to train).


second disappointment: no complete details? guides?

so we were really lost upon joining the race. we joined but we only knew the date and the race venue (and they only announced cavitex). they also released the singlet design roughly a month or two before the race. we didn’t know what the inclusions are when we joined – just to weigh if the race was worth the price. but we assumed that it would be worth it. i assumed they would give out the basics when running half marathons – finisher shirt, singlet, medal and some freebies. i expected that they would give more like towels, bras (since they asked for sizes upon registration lol) and others but meh.

the guide was given a week before and it just included the race map which also said that the finish line was at Island Cove, Cavite. i was excited for a while since it’s the first run i joined that had different venues for the start and finish line. they included the shuttle times and some basic rules.

that was also the upside. it was different and swimming after a half marathon? sounds fun but a bad idea as well lol and i would be with a bunch of girls, it didn’t sound nice to dip in with a thousand others in a pool. overcrowded guys lol

so race day! i was definitely nervous. no proper training because FML so i was ready to die lol i stayed over at my friend’s place in Makati and didn’t do carboloading, instead, i gulped a lot of yogurt :)) early morning and i didn’t know where and how to get to Blue Bay Walk so i hailed a taxi via Grab! it was an awesome experience and i would recommend it to everyone! Hassle free and safe! i didn’t need to go around at 2am just to look for a taxi and instead they stopped at exactly where i was and just sent me messages that they are already around the area; they also let me stop somewhere to pick my buddy up, great service! i also tried it going back from blue bay after the race and with all the racers also hailing a taxi and having problems because no one’s stopping for them, we were just there chilling for 5 minutes when our taxi arrived. feeling VIP :p

so anyway, we arrived at around 3am and next disappointment was, it was just a simple assembly area. there were tents for baggage counters, registration, medics, pacers etc. it didn’t look like a big running event but just a huge meetup for women lol we almost missed the assembly area since we got off the taxi at the back of blue bay walk lol there were no sponsor tents like for early morning freebies or drinks and there were no fun warm up-kanya kanyang warmup ba. :))

warmup more on selfie pa more

though upside was, it was an intimate assembly area that we can interact closely with everyone (taglish fangirling up ahead so heads up) KAYA PUTANGINA HABANG NAGWAWARM UP KAMI SA GILID PUTANGINA ANG POGI PO NI DINGDONG DANTES PLS HELP ME LORD BEST MORNING OF MY LIFE GRABITEEEEEEYYYYYY


shet mej lumayo kasi kami dun sa pen kasi ang dami ng tao so dun kami ni buddy nagwarm up sa may mga tents, and to our luck, MAY SHINING ENTITY NA NAGLALAKAD PUTANGINA NAKANEON PA SYA HORY SHIET at sinusundan sya ng mga babae sa likod at may hawak silang cam, hoping they can take a picture but i guess too shy to ask. apparently, he was walking towards our direction so PUTANGINA KINUROT AT GINULO KO SI BUDDY AT NAGFLAIL NA AKO KASI TANGINA SHIET ( i remember seeing him last condura marathon AND PUTANGINA KINIKILIG TALAGA AKO PAG NAKIKITA KO SYA HUY) – ang puti niya ang tangkad niya mukha syang mabango putangina ang laki ng braso nya mukha syang huggable PERO TANGINA ANG GWAPO TALAGA NIYA AAYY SHIET EWAN KO NA JESKELERD

and di na nagfangirl si sarah kasi she has seen him numerous times kasi volunteer si sarah sa NYC and commissioner naman si dingdong then so sabi niya, she’ll ask him to have a selfie with us for me since mabait naman daw siya. grabe nahiya ako ng slight so pinigilan ko si sarah pero gusto ko naman so why not HAHAHAHA PUTANGINA ANG GANDA NG BOSES NIYA PLS HELP ME. (sabi kasi ni sarah, hello po sir dingdong, pwede pong makiselfie? tapos GRABE IN HIS LOWEST FRIENDLY VOICE OMFG sabi niya “oh sure”) AT AYUN NA NGA NAGPOSE SYA TAPOS AFTER NIYA MAGSELFIE UMALIS NA SYA AND FAIL OTHER BITCHES GOT NO CHANCE HAHAHA PUTANGINA KILIGERS UMAGANG UMAGA.

i didn’t expect him to be there tho, pero i read that kuya kim will be a pacer (exclusive, one of the few men who will join the run as pacers) so akala ko sya lang BUT OMFG KINGINA HAHAHUHU pero di ko sya nakita while running, i don’t really know kung nagpace sila lels since nung nagstart yung run, parang nakakumpol pa din yung pacers or i really don’t understand how the pacer thing worked during the race.

and also, I SAW IYA VILLANIA SA STARTING LINE HUHUHUHU ANG GANDA NI ATE GIRL KAKALOKA SOBRANG PAYAT NYA PERO OMFG HUHUHUHU SO HAPPEH pero i didn’t get the chance to take a picture with her and i didn’t see drew too pero i heard they were there and were pacers din :( AND NAKAKAINIS KASI DI NAMAN NILA SINABI SINO PACERS HUHUHUHU there were a lot of pacers along the way, nakatayo lang and encouraging which of course helped PERO KUNG SINA DINGDONG IYA ETC. YON SANA DIBA HUHU or di ko lang kasi talaga kilala yung mga nasa along the way. kung may list lang sana kung sino sila naappreciate ko sana ano?

blurry picture ni Iya coz they were atop the starting mark :(
of course ultimate crushie ni buddy, Coach Rio.

okay so done with the fangirling part. no ragrets.

anyway, before the race, sadly, i was disappointed with myself. i wanted to do better and emerge stronger since it’s a women’s run and it was the perfect time to shine so i was planning on training harder but life happens lol i had a lot of commitments for a month or two, and we had a special training session at the gym that made me too tired to be unable to run after. what i did was cram a week or two before the actual event (meaning 2/3 days of run only FML)

i know it was not good. and i knew i might not finish the race or if i do, it will take more than 3 hours but i was prepared of the consequences, it was my fault after all. but i really was blessed; my coach added some leg exercises with our routine so i can “run” while on training and he also gave me some supplements before and on the actual day of the race for the added focus and energy.

but i was indeed surprised of my performance during the race! supplements effect? dasal? i don’t know, milagro! but i ran 10km straight non-stop! though of course, it was in a not-so competitive pace like around 8-8:30min/km but damn i could only do it until 5km the last time. :’) congratulations self! but after that of course my legs started to stiffen but i was still able to continue, with walk-jog intervals and i was actually running around 100m for every 1km but i was walking for the remaining 900m lol.

disappointments? RACE TIME AND ROUTE.

(a lot of feelings again so sorry for the taglish rants)

race started at 4:30am. it wasn’t bad tho but i was more than willing to wake up really early just to not get caught by the sun on the late morning. with my usual 21km time of 3 hours, i’m supposed to finish at around 7:30 and surely it would be hot by then! the venue was at cavitex and WOW by the time we reached mismong cavitex mga bus and trucks ang kasabayan namin sa highway, mausok!! maalikabok!! grabe ang hirap huminga ng ayos. and we were probably unlucky pero by 5:30, mataas na ang sikat ng araw jusko by 6am ang init na and putangina nakaka sampung kilometro pa lang ako so the rest of the 10km it was hot and masakit sa balat, di pa man din ako nagsunblock – but as if i do. pero masakit sa ulo at sa balat!!

though i don’t blame them for the sun, but it would’ve been better if they scheduled it earlier para di na kami naabutan ng mainit na sikat ng araw at ng mga bus at truck sa expressway.

but upside, compensated ng ayos. hydration stations were cleverly positioned for every 2km. drinks were ice cold and they provided sponges with ice (even gave out ice cubes na lang din nung pahuli) just to refresh ourselves in this heat. they also provided bananas na nung around 10km and 15km so my habit of getting hungry at the 16km mark? ha, didn’t experience it this time! pero mainit talaga. D: yung ice cold drinks naging lukewarm na lang for the last 2 hydration stations. :(

anyway, finished at around 3:20 mins gun time but according to my app, i just ran for 3:05. not so bad. i wanted to know my actual time but i couldn’t find the event at :(


soooo after the race! i felt great! no pains! i just hoped i could’ve finished earlier. i didn’t go to the pool area coz i didn’t have plans on swimming, even beforehand.did some stretchings and looked around.

final disappointment: no freebies? (nasabi ko na lang, eto lang?)

very few sponsor tents (well except for the gatorade and cavitex but i guess that was all? or the rest were in the pool area? maybe)

freebies? finisher medal turned finisher pendant. very unique though and i like it and i appreciate it! but i’m not a fan of necklaces and it irritates my neck a lot. it also doesn’t suit my fashion lol – i am a t-shirt shorts girl and i think it doesn’t fit me and my image. i would’ve liked a normal medal which i can hang and show to anyone who visits my room. though don’t get me wrong but i kinda like it!

but no finisher shirt? no free food? they only gave us a bottle of gatorade and water at the finisher tents. :o i was expecting for an awesome looking shirt to change to but :( there were food concessionaires but it was for sale and not for free.

so for the 1350, i just got the race pouch with all the inclusions and after the race, the finisher pendant. hmm.

i was guessing that the price was for the payment of the resort, shuttle buses to and fro the venue and cavitex fee. well if you would ask me, i would be willing to exchange that resort and shuttle to a finisher shirt. and it was okay for me to just go around a certain area with the same finish and start line if cavitex was expensive to go through. i really value my finisher shirts and i was quite sad to not have one for this race :( (kung alam ko lang na walang finisher shirt, di na siguro ako sumali :|)

another rant was the shuttles back to blue bay walk.

well everyone was tired, of course. i wasn’t directly involved with this but i was there at that bus. we waited for almost an hour in a really jam-packed BGC bus. the driver won’t leave because he says the rules were the buses will be leaving in order (but other buses were leaving when it was full). he was also telling the people to stand up and not sit on the floor to give space for more passengers – which was so inconsiderate since we ran a half marathon, can you imagine the pain of standing on a bus for a long time? they were already willing to sit on the floor which was already uncomfy considering the price they paid for the event but still he wanted them up to accommodate more – but of course everyone protested to the driver and he had no choice lol (reminds you to not mess with girls, especially tired ones :p) and it was funny how everyone cheered when he decided to surrender and just start driving. go girls!


best part was, i met and made new friends!! of course, i saw the ever feeling famous pink runner Jai Guzon who was a photographer again and finally did a good job capturing better photos of us this time :)) thank you for your efforts and support! hihi


and i finally met Butter Toast!! i posted about her and how i felt about her story on an old post and how it was inspiring and how true it was that records or whatever are not important but the fun and happiness you feel with what you are doing. i have always wanted to meet her and thanks to Jai (lol claiming to be close friends with her – na oo na sige na naniniwala na ako haha) we finally met and took pictures together!! omg she was so nice and so cute and omg <3 <3 <3 thank you Butter! i do hope to see you again soon!



and of course, thank you for running with me batch, Sarah! thanks to you I was part of this year’s Nike Women Victory Tour and everything would not be possible if it weren’t for you. great job to us and to more runs together! and yes to this haggard post run selfie :))


sad though i didn’t get to take a picture of ate cutie na langing podium finisher grabe girl cruuush how can they run so fast and still be pretty at the same time. hustisya po.


awesome experience at the NRC Women Half Marathon Manila 2016 and indeed I found a better me! though i have a lot of runs i want to go to, but this by far is my last planned run :( after some decisions, i hope i can run on more events!! next post will probably be about my Tapulao climb and induction climb for UTrek :o


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